KM4BUN Audrey: Young Ham presenting on APRS Balloons and PicoSats

Audrey Mcelroy, KM4BUN shared a great tutorial on APRS High Altitude Balloons combined with APRS PicoSats. Audrey is an Extra class ham who got involved in Amateur Radio when she was six years old with the help of her parents Tom McElroy W4SDR, and mother Jan McElroy K4PRM.

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Virginia QSO Party Presentation Feb. 4

SVARC welcomes Gordon Miller NQ4K back this year to tell us about the 2021 Virginia QSO Party, which will be held 20-21 March 2020. He will give his presentation at our regular club meeting on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021, at 7:30 in via Zoom. If you are not a member and would like to attend, please leave a message on the Contact Form of this website.

  • CLICK HERE for Virginia QSO Party Summary and information

Can I take my test remotely?

Thanks to club member Stephen Pederson KN4IOU, here’s a link to an article on the Hamstudy blog with information and links for finding and taking a license exam online.

“So you want to take a remote exam…” by Richard M. Bateman KD7BBC

The post covers what you need to have, how to find a fully remote exam, and even includes a link where you can find practice exams for free.

FCC Seeks Comment on Maximizing Efficient Use of 12 GHz Band – 15 Jan 2021

The Federal Communications Commission is requesting comments on how to allocate and best maximize efficient use of 500 megahertz of mid-band spectrum between 12.2-12.7 GHz (12 GHz band). In the United States, the 12 GHz band is allocated on a primary basis for non-Federal use for Broadcasting Satellite Service (BSS) (referred to domestically in the band as Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), Fixed Satellite Service (space-to-Earth) limited to non-geostationary orbit systems (NGSO FSS), and Fixed Service.

Amateur Radio operators are allocated use of the GHz bands for experimental use. [ Amateur Radio USA Band Plan ] specific allocations starting at 2.3 GHz to 250 GHz. Unlimited use above 275 GHz.

How do I comment to an FCC request for comments?

FCC WT Docket No. 20-443

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FCC Enforcement Advisory 17-Jan-2021

The Federal Communications Commission [FCC] has issued a public notice to Amateur & Personal Radio Users Reminded Not to Use Radios in to facilitate or commit Crimes. The full .pdf file of the FCC notice can be seen here:

Please ensure your communications involve normal communications without code words or can be inferred to be a violation of local, state, or federal laws.