FCC’s 2019 R&O on RF Exposure Standards: Effective May 3, 2021

On April 12, 2021, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) reminded us that the 2019 FCC Report and Oder (R&O) regarding regulatory RF exposure standards goes into effect on May 3rd, 2021. Part of the Vice President’s report in the coming club meetings will address this important topic at a high level, with a more detailed presentation being developed to share at a club meeting. More information will be provided as things develop. In the ARRL’s article (linked above), useful information has been shared, including a link to a document they titled RF Exposure and You that they are offering for free download.

A high-level overview of the document includes five sections pertinent to all licensed amateur radio operations –

  • A Section on the ARRL RF Safety Committee
  • The IEEE Standard for Safety Levels with respect to human exposure to RF
  • A section on “Where do RF Standards come from?”
  • The FCC RF Exposure Regulations
  • Typical RF Field Strengths near Amateur Radio Antennas

I encourage you to review the ARRL Article linked at the beginning of this post. I will be providing updates on this important topic.

Learn About Space Weather

At our club meeting on April 15, 2021, Rich K3VAT showed two short YouTube videos:

  1. Tim Duffy, K3LR Interview with Dr. Tamitha Skov, the Space Weather Woman 05/2017. Tim introduces Dr. Skov, who tells us how she got started in the physics of the sun and what she does for her day job. CLICK HERE to view video.
  2. Dr. Tamitha Skov on Space Weather – Filament Slingshot 2/21/2021. Dr. Skov gives a presentation covering a number of current radio propagation-related topics all using vibrant and dynamics graphics and charts to help the radio amateur community understand the science of helio-physics and radio propagation. CLICK HERE to view video.

Everyone in attendance enjoyedthis interesting program. If you’d like to attend any future meetings as a guest, contact our Secretary, Stephen Pederson KN4IOU (spederson (at) rma (dot) edu or leave a message using the contact form of this website.

Operating Course: Free, Online

The National Electronics Museum is sponsoring its well-received Operating Course again starting April 15, 2021 and running each Thursday for 11 weeks from 6:30 to 9:30 EDST on Zoom.   There is no charge for participation. 

The purpose of these classes is to provide information to help licensed radio amateurs to participate in the many on-the-air activities available in the hobby.  The presenters are very experienced in their topics—many are nationally known experts—and they will be available to answer your questions following the presentations.  

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Let’s Go To Dayton!

Special program at our club meeting on April 1, 2021

This Thursday’s presentation will be a just-released YouTube video, published by DXEngineering, where Tim Duffy interviews two of the Hamvention officers Michael Kalter W8CI and Rick Allnutt WS8G. This is an exciting presentation because it outlines what is happening during the annual ‘Dayton’ Hamvention – which is virtual this year. 

We want SVARC members to be aware of lots of unique opportunities during the 3-1/2 day event.  The Hamvention staff has invited a number of distinguished speakers and presenters from the scientific community as well as notable amateur radio operators.

If you missed the meeting, you can watch the presentation below: