Heat warnings and a family emergency of our acting Field Day Coordinator has dictated some last minute changes.

The club’s summer Field Day will be held at the Club House from Saturday, June 22 to Sunday, June 23 and we’ll be operating Class 3D. Gary K4GJF has spent hours setting things up so no one needs to come before noon on Saturday to help with set-up. Please let Mick W8BE know if you can bring food.

We encourage all club members, regardless of their experience, to come join us and either watch or participate. It’s a great time to learn how to use some of our club equipment and take advantage of the antennas we have. If you have your own headset and/or headset splitter, please bring them.

We’re taking signage out to the Clarke County Fairgrounds for anyone who doesn’t get this last-minute information.

QUESTIONS? Use the website’s contact form or contact VP Mick W8BE or President Carl NX3A.