Early Pictures from the 2022 Berryville Hamfest

It was perfect weather and a great crowd — over 1200 attendees and just under 200 tailgaters — plus all the indoor and pavilion vendors. Here are some preliminary photos from John WD4GEK: https://jacjr.smugmug.com/Berryville-Hamfest-2022/n-b5F6xL.

And these captured a nice moment in the visit to the Hamfest from Dr. Jim Boehner N2ZZ, ARRL’s Roanoke Division Director, when he presented an award to Ross KE4BCN with John N4MM and Carl NX3A:

Ham Gear For Sale-updated list

SVARC Club member Duane Martin KK4BZ has been helping Mike Jessop WB3JVD and his wife Maggie prepare Mike’s amateur radio gear for sale. The Jessops are downsizing and dealing with health issues. Duane has meticulously cataloged the gear and taken pictures of each piece. We’ve uploaded the list and numbered pictures to a Google Docs folder which can be found if you CLICK HERE. If you want to buy anything, please contact Duane KK4BZ (martindh@iname.com). Anything not sold by this weekend will be taken to the Berryville Hamfest SVARC Club table.

We’re showing the list below and you can CLICK HERE to find the list of pictures of each item:

Berryville Hamfest 2022 — indoor tables still available!

Berryville Hamfest 2022 — indoor tables still available!

The 2022 Berryville Hamfest is almost here: Sunday, August 7! Everyone’s ready to get out and get together and see some STUFF! We’ll have it all — commercial vendors for your new amateur radio equipment, antennas, cable, and parts, hats, badges, shirts, and so much more (SEE LIST OF INSIDE VENDORS), and tailgaters all over the Clarke County Fairgrounds in Berryville, Virginia, for those treasures and bargains you’ve been looking for.

New Berryville Hamfest Website: www.berryvillehamfest.com

Check out our new website for information on the event, vendors attending, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. And if you have a question that needs answering, use the CONTACT FORM. Check it out and tell your friends!

7/22/22 Update: Indoor Table Space Available!

We still have a few spaces available in the Horticulture and Arts & Crafts Building (and ONE table available in the Ruritan Building). Fill out the no-obligation request form HERE to let the Vendor Coordinator (Mick W8BE) know what you’d like. But act soon — we have to submit our table rental order to ensure we have enough tables.

Field Day 2022 is almost here!

Field Day 2022 is almost here!

CLICK HERE for all the latest information about SVARC’s Field Day operations at the Clarke County Fairgrounds this weekend, June 25-26. Help us spread the word. Invite local government representatives and influencers. Especially invite anyone interested in learning more about Amateur Radio. We’ll have an educational display and literature available. Tell your social media friends and use hashtags #ARRLFD and #SVARCFD.

This year, we’ll be operating 3A and have purchased new laptops and a new antenna to ensure everyone’s operating experience is better than ever. We need operators to make contacts from 2pm Saturday to 1:59pm Sunday. Even if you can only come for a little while, please join us and help us earn more points.

There are some changes this year. Our Field Day Page has all the details. Here are some pictures from past SVARC Field Days:

Field Day
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Special Event Station K4S: Operating 90 Feet Down

Special Event Station K4S: Operating 90 Feet Down

The Woodstock Amateur Radio Group, spearheaded by Carl Dennis NX3A and supported by several SVARC members from Shenandoah County, operated Special Event Station K4S from inside Shenandoah Caverns in Quicksburg, VA, on Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22, from 9AM to 5PM each day. The event was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Shenandoah Caverns.

The station was set up 90 feet underground at the foot of the stairs where tour groups descended from the main building. Setup was a big undertaking, with 260 feet of coax from the off-center-fed 80-meter dipole down to the station’s ICOM 7300.

In spite of the high noise level, well over 250 contacts were made to stations throughout the United States as far west as California as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico. We later learned that many stations heard us and tried to call, but we couldn’t pull them out of the noise. Certificates were available for those contacting K4S during the event in exchange for a QSL card and an 8.5 X 11 SASE.

We got lots of looks and a few questions from tourists passing by. Literature about Amateur Radio was offered to those interested. Joe Proctor of Shenandoah Caverns was extremely enthusiastic about the special event station being a part of their anniversary events planned throughout the day that culminated in an impressive fireworks display Saturday evening.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this unique event.

Shenandoah Caverns On-the-Air, Spring 2022
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