Learn About Space Weather

At our club meeting on April 15, 2021, Rich K3VAT showed two short YouTube videos:

  1. Tim Duffy, K3LR Interview with Dr. Tamitha Skov, the Space Weather Woman 05/2017. Tim introduces Dr. Skov, who tells us how she got started in the physics of the sun and what she does for her day job. CLICK HERE to view video.
  2. Dr. Tamitha Skov on Space Weather – Filament Slingshot 2/21/2021. Dr. Skov gives a presentation covering a number of current radio propagation-related topics all using vibrant and dynamics graphics and charts to help the radio amateur community understand the science of helio-physics and radio propagation. CLICK HERE to view video.

Everyone in attendance enjoyedthis interesting program. If you’d like to attend any future meetings as a guest, contact our Secretary, Stephen Pederson KN4IOU (spederson (at) rma (dot) edu or leave a message using the contact form of this website.

Amateur Radio in the International Space Station

SVARC VP Rich Kennedy K3VAT reminded us at the last meeting that the International Space Station has an amateur radio station onboard. Here’s a link for getting more information about how to contact them:


Here is the public link about the Greenbank Radio Telescope Facilities: it’s a beautiful, 12-page color PDF with many of the facts and figures that Luci shared with us last meeting.


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Moonbounce on 10 Meters

Thanks to Stephen Pederson KN4IOU for sharing this info and video from Tom DK3EE’s adventure of doing moon bounce on 10 meters. He has a 10-meter beam with 50-foot boom, so very high gain. The moon was near the horizon, so he didn’t need an elevation rotor. The video that plays on YouTube after this one is also about moonbounce.

KM4BUN Audrey: Young Ham presenting on APRS Balloons and PicoSats

Audrey Mcelroy, KM4BUN shared a great tutorial on APRS High Altitude Balloons combined with APRS PicoSats. Audrey is an Extra class ham who got involved in Amateur Radio when she was six years old with the help of her parents Tom McElroy W4SDR, and mother Jan McElroy K4PRM.

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Get started with Fox Hunting

Fox Hunt! (Radio Direction Finding) – Ham Radio Q&A:

You can find other “How To” videos by going to YouTube.com and searching for “Ham Radio Foxhunting” or similar terms.

If you’re not already familiar with it, the bible of Fox Hunting is this book by Joe Moell K0OV. Although written back in 1987, it still contains plenty of information and tips that remain relevant today: https://www.amazon.com/Transmitter-Hunting-Direction-Finding-Simplified/dp/0830627014