Flying COWs?

During Hurricane Ida, AT&T deployed COWs, but not the type of flying bovines you could imagine. These COWs are known as Cell-on-Wings. The tethered unlimited power drone provides cellular LTE coverage for an area of up to 40 square miles and a further data and voice connection via satellite uplink to AT&T’s network to connect information outside of the affected area. The drones are deployed in a disaster areas to provide a cellular and data bridge to the internet for AT&T’s First Responder “FIRSTNET” network. The drone has been previously tested and deployed by AT&T to other disaster areas, and its design modified over the years to provide additional coverage such as thermal cameras, weather, and wind resistance with the capacity for more sensors. Power is supplied for a continuous flight from the tether and is monitored by an FCC-licensed drone pilot during deployment. 

Imagine the possibilities of a tethered drone during your next Field Day operating a vertical on 80, 160, 630, or 2200 meters; or in service to your community for search and rescue operations, supporting triathlons, bicycle races, and more! 

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