Got Chirps? Whistles? and WWV

Take a moment to tune in at every 8 after the hour on WWV and 48 after the hour on WWVH transmitters. WWV, WWVH stations, HamSCI and NIST and investigating HF propagation.

The Characterization Signal will consist of a 45 second WAV file on minute 8 for WWV and minute 48 for WWVH.  Right now it is planned as a standard voice announcement, inserted into the broadcast chain as an audio file. 

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for collaboration between Amateur Radio and the federal government’s lead physical science laboratory, NIST, and harkens back 100 years to the Fading Experiments coordinated between the then NBS and an early ARRL.

A full description of the Characterization Signal and audio files are available at

Updates on the efforts will be posted here at WWV ARC and also at the HamSCI website:  

WWV Frequencies [ MHz ]: 2.5; 5.0; 10.0; 15.0; 20.0 from Fort Collins, Colorado

WWVH Frequency: 2.5 MHz from Kauai, Hawaii






History of WWV:

Remembering Pearl – Special Event Stations

December 7 in 2021 marks the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Below are the published special event stations commemorating this week.

 Dec 7, W4AVM, SS American Victory, Tampa Bay, FL

Frequency: 14.265


Dec 7, NI4BK, 14:00- 22:00Z, , Battleship NORTH CAROLINA

Frequency: 7.208 

Operating two stations aboard Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, the Azalea Coast Amateur Radio Club hosts a worldwide ham radio operator event commemorating the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. The Battleship is NI4BK, and HAM operators may contact the ship via voice, digital and Morse code. NI4BK looks forward to hearing from YOU!  Radio operators making contact will receive a special postcard verifying the contact.

For information, contact Allan Pellnat, or call 910-799-1694.


Dec 7 NEPM, 1600-2359 UTC, Battleship IOWA

Frequencies SPLIT: 14.781.k KHz USB / Listen on 14343.0 USB

With operating authorization from the Navy’s 3rd Fleet Spectrum Manager, Battleship IOWA Amateur Radio Association, Inc. and the IOWA’s Innovation and Engineering Team will activate the ship’s legacy Navy call sign, NEPM, on December 7, 2021 in memory of Pearl Harbor Day. Operation will be from 1600 to 2359 UTC.

NEPM will TRANSMIT on 14781.5 KHz using J3E USB and listen on 14343.0 KHz J3E USB. Amateurs are reminded that they may NOT transmit on 14781.5 KHz. If there is traffic on 14343.0 KHz, the NEPM operator will advise of an alternate frequency where he is listening.

 QSL’s will be available if a SASE is provided. NEPM, NI6BB. or NE6PM are all listed on and any route will get your request to the QSL manager. Please visit BIARA’s website at for more information about radio operations aboard the Battleship IOWA soon to be the home of the National Museum of the Surface Navy.


Dec 3-Dec 13, W2W, 1300Z-2200Z, , Baltimore, MD. Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum.

Frequencies: 14.241 | 14.041 |  7.241 |  7.041

Certificate & QSL. W2W-Pearl Harbor, P.O. Box 1693, MS 4015, Baltimore, MD 21203. Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum (ARCNEM) will operate W2W in commemoration of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day and the role of electronics in WWII. The primary operation will be Dec 3-Dec 7 with additional operation possible during the Dec 8-Dec 13 period as operator availability permits. Operation on 80M (3.541, 3.841) and digital modes possible during event. Frequencies +/- according to QRM. QSL and Certificate available via SASE; details at


Dec 11, NI6IW, 1700Z-2359Z, USS Midway Museum Ship Special Event: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day San Diego, CA. USS Midway (CV-41) Museum Ship.

Frequencies: 14.320 | 7.250 PSK and CW on various HF bands DSTAR on various reflectors.

QSL. USS Midway Museum Ship COMEDTRA, 901 N Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. Please check spotting networks to find us on HF. Consult to find our call sign NI6IW and Reporting Note to see what reflector we’re using. Note: Typical QSL turn-around time is 4 to 6 weeks after receiving a request with SASE.

The following websites may be helpful to locate active frequencies and other Pearl Harbor Special Event stations:

Listen in on the web via a web-based SDR – software defined radio:


Get ready for 8 Meters?

Get ready for 8 Meters?

You may find yourself wandering along the bands one day in USB [ Upper Side Band ] on your way up to the “Magic Band” of 6 Meters and suddenly find yourself listening to a conversation [QSO ] around 40.660 MHz to 40.700 MHz. This band is new to Amateur Radio, and primarily known as the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band.

Croatia was recently added to a very limited list of countries with amateur radio operators with an experimental license for 8 Meter Band. Croatia becomes the fifth country, following Ireland, Slovenia, and South Africa. Lithuania has added spot frequencies, similar to 60 meters in the United States, for experimentation purposes. Find out more information from the blog of EI7GL.

-Credit to the and Southgate Amateur Radio News