Radio Data Collection Request During Solar Eclipse

HamSCI ( is looking for amateur radio operators around the world to help collect propagation data during the December 14 eclipse across South America. Data collection requires an HF radio connected to a computer.

There will be 24-hour practice runs on November 21 and December 5. The main data recording will run from December 9-16, to ensure an abundance of control data.

Details of the experiment may be found here:

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Success With The 2020 Leonids Meteor Shower on 6 Meters

A rather small, dedicated number of amateur radio operators tackle a unique method of point-to-point communication at VHF. This morning (November 17, 2020), I tried my hand refracting my 6 meter digital signal off the ionizing tails of incoming meteors hoping someone would hear me and respond to my CQ. This month features the Leonids meteor shower, reaching its peak early this morning. Although not the biggest or most spectacular of the many meteor showers that occur throughout the year, I Continue reading “Success With The 2020 Leonids Meteor Shower on 6 Meters”


This is another dual month letter due to the Covid-19 virus and the effects
it has had on the Amateur Radio community in Virginia and around the
world. I do not need to repeat the details of all the ham radio
activities that have been canceled. However in some few cases as a
result of some partial reopening of activities, hams have been able to
partially create some activities. There really is not any major changes
in the Covid-19 restrictions from my last report. My reporting is
designed to help all hams keep up with the goings-on the ham radio world
in Virginia as well as the world. If I make a mistake, please let me
know as I try to be as accurate as possible. Continue reading “September-October 2020 VIRGINIA SECTION UPDATE LETTER”

HamCation 2021 postponed to 2022

The pandemic strikes again.

It was just announced by HamCation, that they are postponing their 2021 Hamfest in Orlando, Florida. This is quite significant because HamCation is the world’s 2nd largest ham get-together. CLICK HERE to read a whole letter from Michael Cauley, W4MCA, Chairman of the event. Here is an excerpt:

“After much deliberation, the difficult decision to postpone the 75th HamCation was made. It is with heavy hearts that we must make this decision. We had wished to see all of you next year in person, but the situation we face globally has made this challenging. Instead, HamCation will be moved to February 11-13, 2022. We are looking to host some unique Webinars, a QSO Party and possibly Prize Drawings for 2021. More information to come on our website soon.”




Election of Officers and Guest Speaker 10/01/20

Election of officers

At our next club meeting this Thursday 10/01/20, we’ll have our annual election of officers, so please look for your Zoom link sent out by email later this week. We’ll need a good turnout to get a quorum for voting.

If you are not a member but would like to attend the Zoom meeting, please leave a message on the contact form of our website:


President: Ross Slater KE4BCN
Vice President: Rich Kennedy K3VAT
Treasurer: Tom Sullivan AK4AZ
Secretary: Stephen Pederson KN4IOU
Trustee: Carl Dennis NX3A

Thanks to Tom Brownlee AF2D and his nominating committee for their good work.

Guest Speaker Bud W2RU

We welcome Bud Hippisley W2RU, Roanoke Division Director. Bud will be with us at our meeting on Oct. 1, 2020 to give us a report on ARRL and an update on division news.