CARA Fest is Sunday, 1 October 2023

CARA Fest is Sunday, 1 October 2023

The Columbia Amateur Radio Association (CARA, K3CUJ) is pleased to announce that the annual CARA Fest is on Sunday, 1 October 2023 at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, Maryland. We are emailing all the local club POCs and editors listed with ARRL to request your help in spreading the word. The key information is pasted below for your convenience, and our flyer is attached if you would like to share it.

CARA is also pleased to provide indoor tables for our fellow clubs to spread awareness of their activities, free of charge. If you have not already been in touch with us to coordinate an information table, you may book a complimentary table on the Tickets page of the CARA Fest website, let me know and I will put you in touch with our coordinator.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your support!


Wendy Sauvageot, K3TBD
CARA Fest Communications


Hamfest 2023 Photos from WD4GEK

Berryville Hamfest 2023

It’s a wrap! And it was a great hamfest. Weather was perfect and attendees were clearly in the mood to get out and find some great gear. Besides some new vendors, the Berryville Hamfest featured a new program called TechTalk all morning — short learning sessions for novices and experience hams alike. Topics included: getting your first license, operating QRP, ham and astronomy, lightning and your home, and a dramatic demo of Scott KE4WMF’s VW Rover.

There was a truly impressive showing of SVARC club members who came both days to set up, manage, and clean up. Thank you, each and every one.

John WD4GEK was the first to get his pictures out so you don’t have to wait to get a taste for the great day we had. To check out his album CLICK HERE

Call your Congress Member – Vote Yes on HR 4006

Please call your US Representative in Congress as you read this and ask them to vote YES on House Bill HR4006. This bill serves to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit the application of certain private land use restrictions to amateur station antennas, and for other purposes is about to come to the well of the US House of Representative for a vote. This bill would remove private land use restrictions that prohibit, restrict, or impair the ability of Amateur Radio operators from operating and installing reasonable antennas on property that they own or control.

If you live in Virginia House District 6, please call Representative Ben Cline’s office at (202) 225-5431, provide your name, City and Zip code and ask the Congressman to vote Yes for this bill. 

Other phone numbers for Rep Ben Cline’s office can be found here:

Should you reside outside of Virginia 6, please contact your Representative in Congress and ask them to support the Bill and vote yes. Find your Representative by visiting At the top right of the page enter your zip code and search.

Read more from the American Radio Relay League:

Full PDF of the Bill from Congressman Johnson can be found here:


Open Headset Interconnect Standard [OHIS] N6MTS

N6MTS, Mark may be familiar to you as he is co-host of podcast Mark has founded a company that is designing products for the audiophile and amateur radio. At the May 2023 Dayton Hamvention, Mark presented his open headset interconnect standard. Mark realized an opportunity with the ability to use any headset, with any amateur radio, without the need for a box-full of adapters.  What mark has in development and pending production is a solution that allows an interconnect between any radio, and any headset. Hat tip to Mark for finding a problem and taking on the challenge to bring a long needed solution to market. Thank you, Mark!  You can find out more at Mark’s website:  73. 

Memorial Day

Gratitude to those who gave all for our Nation, our Freedoms, our Constitution and our Flag. Ice a cold one for those who cannot be with us, set a place at the table, leave it empty for those who cannot be with us due to the ultimate sacrifice. 73.