Fine Field Day!

Field Day national emergency communications preparedness event  is always the 4th full weekend of June annually in the United States and Canada. This year that weekend fell on June 24 – 25 and was an amazing day filled with fine people and weather throughout the operating 24 hours. Fine thanks to the Clarke County Fairgrounds for hosting us. Thank you to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office for stopping by on Friday late evening to ensure everything was in order. Thank you also to Berryville Mayor (Jay) Harry Lee Arnold, Jr for visiting Saturday afternoon to learn how amateur radio can serve his community during communication and civil emergency.

Club members began at 8AM Friday morning to pack and transport gear from our clubhouse in Winchester to the Lions Club Pavilion at the Clarke County Fairground. Though conditions on the ground were soggy, the skies cleared with temperatures in the high 70’s / low 80’s during operations.

Thanks to K04SSD, Jeremy who lent his spiffy red light LED lanterns from LuminAid to ensure our night vision was preserved. Gratitude to KC4RCR, Rousseau “Mr Lightning” for lending a fine bug zapper to keep flying insects at a distance and his 2 meter 10 element yagi antenna.

Fine food during Saturday’s traditional group lunch at Mario’s Pizzeria. During the weekend all types food was shared by members including amazing grilled hot dogs, hamburgers. Sweets abound with fine selections of muffins, cookies, pie, and of course it’s not amateur radio without “power rings” also known as donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Thank you to Rob for making the gas grill spic and span and then cooked up sliders and hotdogs for dinner for us on Saturday evening. Thank you Rob! Thank you to Andy NR8N and Tom KM4FEC for making breakfast on Sunday morning.

Field Day Radios [Transceivers]

Our station, with club callsign W4RKC, operated 3A [three HF transmitters in club or non-club portable operation] this year, radios were:

3A stations each had a computer laptop and N3JFP logging software to document contacts on CW [Morse Code], Phone [Voice], and Digital [FT8]. FT8 is a digital mode capable of send and receive with milliwatts of power over high-frequency [HF] for global communications capability.

Field Day antennas in use this year included:

This year marked the passing of the Field Day operations lead from KW4CW, Tom to AF7YL, Frances and AE7YH, John for 2024. Thank you Tom for amazing dedication to the tradition of Field Day and the importance of having our club being prepared and ready when called up for service by our community. Tom served for the Club in this capacity from 2009 – 2023. A fine legacy to uphold! Thank you Tom.

If you would like the Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club to provide an operations demonstration and / or speak with your organization about the importance of Amateur Radio to the communications infrastructure, or, speak to careers in S.T.E.M [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math], please contact us, we would be delighted to help.

Call your Congress Member – Vote Yes on HR 4006

Please call your US Representative in Congress as you read this and ask them to vote YES on House Bill HR4006. This bill serves to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit the application of certain private land use restrictions to amateur station antennas, and for other purposes is about to come to the well of the US House of Representative for a vote. This bill would remove private land use restrictions that prohibit, restrict, or impair the ability of Amateur Radio operators from operating and installing reasonable antennas on property that they own or control.

If you live in Virginia House District 6, please call Representative Ben Cline’s office at (202) 225-5431, provide your name, City and Zip code and ask the Congressman to vote Yes for this bill. 

Other phone numbers for Rep Ben Cline’s office can be found here:

Should you reside outside of Virginia 6, please contact your Representative in Congress and ask them to support the Bill and vote yes. Find your Representative by visiting At the top right of the page enter your zip code and search.

Read more from the American Radio Relay League:

Full PDF of the Bill from Congressman Johnson can be found here:


Field Day 2023 – June 23-24 – Clarke County Fair Ground

Field Day is coming June 24-25. Field Day is Amateur Radio’s Open House event of the year where over 40,000 amateur stations go into the field, setup, operate and make contact. It is also a day of national emergency communications preparedness. We operate around the clock for 24 hours, make as many contacts across the United States, Canada and the World as we can, over as many different modes such as voice, digital and even morse code. 

Amateur Radio is the heart of everything STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math. Amateur Radio knowledge can lead to careers in Radio Frequency Engineering, Broadcasting in Media, Military Communications, Design, Build, Fabrication and more. 

Please join us during Field Day this year, maybe even get on the air yourself and make a few contacts to experience for yourself! Come anytime from 2PM Saturday and through 1PM Sunday June 25.

Find out more:

Even though you do not need an operating license during Field Day, if you would like to find out more and test for your amateur radio license,  click here:

Are you an existing radio amateur, want to find a great place to connect to other radio amateurs, and have access to a fine HF station as a member benefit? Submit your application now!

Sterling Park VA – Technician License Examination Preparation Class

The Sterling Park, Virginia Amateur Radio Club [SPARC] will be hosting an on-site Technician Class Test Preparation Class and Exam.

Dates: January 21-22, 2023


January 21 Class: 0800 1730 hrs.

Sunday 22 January 2023: 1300 hrs. (for class members) and 1400 hrs. (for exam-only candidates)

Fees: There is no fee for participation in the Technician License Preparation Class.


Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, Eastern Loudoun Station, 46620 E. Frederick Drive, Sterling, VA 2016


For more information visit:



Warren County Virginia Fire and Rescue is partnering with the National Weather Service to provide free training, to anyone in the community.  The Skywarn Basic Storm Spotter class is scheduled for Friday December 16th, 2022, from 6 to 9pm. At the Public Safety Building Community Room, 200 Skyline Vista Drive, Front Royal, Virginia 22630. 

Please register at:

Basic I is a good general overview of what it means to be a spotter as well as the basics of the different weather phenomenon that impacts the Mid-Atlantic. Upon completion of the course, you will be registered in the program by the National Weather Service. You will receive a spotter code from the NWS within 6 weeks.

Training in Basics I includes:

  • The Basic Organization of the National Weather Service

  • The Role and Importance of the Skywarn Spotter

  • Reporting of Hazardous Weather

  • NWS Products and the Watch/Warning/Advisory system

  • Thunderstorm, Flooding, Tropical, and Winter Weather Threats

The Role of the Amateur Short-wave (HAM) Radio in the

Spotter Program

Please register at:

Chasing the Backstory of Mountaintop Portable

Steve WG0AT is a well-known Summits on the Air activator. His excursions to the top of SOTA summits to operate mountaintop portable with his to goats, Peanut and Rooster is legendary. But there is so much more to his story. Steve has been operating from the top of mountaintops long before the existence of SOTA. So what was that like? What was the motivation? How have things changed? Join us as we talk with Steve about those early days.