X-Class Solar Flare – North Central South America

An X Class Solar Flare was released toward Earth and North, Central, South America today at 17:37 UT / 1:37 PM Eastern Time. Per the map above, expect low or no propagation, especially below 30MHz for our immediate part of the world over the next few days.  Additionally, previously released multiple C and G class flares will be impacting Earth beginning March 31. Auroras are expected as far south as Illinois and Oregon. Find out more at https://www.spaceweather.com



Solar Flares: https://www.spaceweather.com/glossary/flareclasses.html

Solar Ham – Ham Radio Specific Reporting: https://www.solarham.net

What is a Solar Cycle? https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/solar-cycles/en/

IARU R1 Records on 134 and 241 GHz DK5NJ & DB6NT

New IARU R1 Records on 134 and 241 GHz Amateur Radio Bands

Tuesday, March 1st 2022

DK5NJ at the Leipzigerturm (797 m ASL) near Schmiedefeld JO50ON60BJ

DB6NT at the Aschberg (913 m ASL) near Klingenthal JO60GJ03RO

distance 92,8 km

Air temperature 6°C at Aschberg

Relative humidity 29% on the Aschberg

DK5NJ and DB6NT worked in CW
QSO on 76 GHz at 14:45 UTC with 599
QSO on 122 GHz at 15:01 UTC with 599
QSO on 134 GHz at 15:03 UTC with 599 IARU 1 Record
QSO on 241 GHz at 15:38 UTC with 559 IARU 1 Record

find more information:

Got Chirps? Whistles? and WWV

Take a moment to tune in at every 8 after the hour on WWV and 48 after the hour on WWVH transmitters. WWV, WWVH stations, HamSCI and NIST and investigating HF propagation.

The Characterization Signal will consist of a 45 second WAV file on minute 8 for WWV and minute 48 for WWVH.  Right now it is planned as a standard voice announcement, inserted into the broadcast chain as an audio file. 

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for collaboration between Amateur Radio and the federal government’s lead physical science laboratory, NIST, and harkens back 100 years to the Fading Experiments coordinated between the then NBS and an early ARRL.

A full description of the Characterization Signal and audio files are available at https://zenodo.org/record/5182323

Updates on the efforts will be posted here at WWV ARC and also at the HamSCI website: https://hamsci.org/wwv  

WWV Frequencies [ MHz ]: 2.5; 5.0; 10.0; 15.0; 20.0 from Fort Collins, Colorado

WWVH Frequency: 2.5 MHz from Kauai, Hawaii



HamSCI: https://hamsci.org

WWV: https://www.nist.gov/pml/time-and-frequency-division/time-distribution/radio-station-wwv

WWVH: https://tf.nist.gov/stations/wwvh.htm

History of WWV: https://www.nist.gov/time-distribution/radio-station-wwv/history-radio-station-wwv

Program 5/6/2021 on RF Exposure Rules

Program 5/6/2021 on RF Exposure Rules

Our VP Rich K3VAT wants to ensure that club members are informed about these rulings. CLICK HERE for our previous post on the subject and links to the rulings and deadlines.

The first education program on this topic was at our club meeting on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7:30pm: a 20-minute YouTube video by Dave Casler, KE0OG.

In case you missed the program, you can view it here:

Learn About Space Weather

Learn About Space Weather

At our club meeting on April 15, 2021, Rich K3VAT showed two short YouTube videos:

  1. Tim Duffy, K3LR Interview with Dr. Tamitha Skov, the Space Weather Woman 05/2017. Tim introduces Dr. Skov, who tells us how she got started in the physics of the sun and what she does for her day job. CLICK HERE to view video.
  2. Dr. Tamitha Skov on Space Weather – Filament Slingshot 2/21/2021. Dr. Skov gives a presentation covering a number of current radio propagation-related topics all using vibrant and dynamics graphics and charts to help the radio amateur community understand the science of helio-physics and radio propagation. CLICK HERE to view video.

Everyone in attendance enjoyedthis interesting program. If you’d like to attend any future meetings as a guest, contact our Secretary, Stephen Pederson KN4IOU (spederson (at) rma (dot) edu or leave a message using the contact form of this website.