Free Class – Zoom – Repeaters 102 – December 28 – 9-10:30 Eastern

Free Class – Zoom – Repeaters 102 – December 28 – 9-10:30 Eastern

Next Wednesday Dec 28 at 7:00-8:30 pm will be the next RMHAM-U Tech Talk on Repeater 102 by Doug K2AD. Doug will discuss what is required to interface a repeater to a repeater-controller like the RTCM. The use of the SCOM 7330 as a reference design.

This will NOT be a beginner course, but rather a deeper dive into the system integration interfaces in our repeater network. [Colorado State Wide Repeater System ]

What do we need to know about controllers and the physics behind the system integration.

Questions and answers will be encouraged.So if you ever wondered how a linked repeater system like the Colorado Connection works under the hood, this talk will be of interest to you.The class is free and presented via Zoom. Sign up at
for the Zoom link and passcode.

This link shows you the multi-state wide repeater system that has been built by RMHAM and will be the subject of the discussion.

Free Ham Radio Series from Rocky Mountain Ham University

Free Ham Radio Series from Rocky Mountain Ham University

ANNOUNCEMENT: Free Zoom Classes – Rocky Mountain Ham University – Denver for 2022 – 2023 

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Next Class is Tuesday October 18 21:30-22:30 Eastern

TOPIC: TECH TALK: Incident Command System for Events
Learn how to improve your clubs participation, planning, and execution of amateur radio communication for events your club volunteers in using a standardized framework for incident management.

Instructor: KV0N, Raman

Syllabus for 2022 – 2023

Below is a prior class video from April 9, 2022 – SDR Console and Multiple WSJT. 

Here is the Club YouTube Channel with additional prior classes:

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo March 12-13

Rex, W1REX,  and Stephen, N1SH, will join the Expo for a fourth time with two new Build-a-Thons, allowing Expo ticket holders to build kits with them, in real time, with demonstrations and mentoring.  Since the interaction is two-way video webinar format, builders can ask questions and get help. Once the Build-a-thon session ends, the recordings will be put up in the Expo library for future reference.

Important Changes To EZNEC

Important Changes To EZNEC

Last year, Roger Steyaert K7RXV made an interesting presentation to the club on the topic of network analyzers, one of which was a program called EZNEC. He just alerted us to an important announcement from Roy Lewallen, W7EL, about his retirement in 2022 and his release of EZNEC to the public domain. If you have ever used EZNEC or thought about using it, you’ll want to check out the details HERE. The site has been completely rewritten and updated.

EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0 is now available! – FREE

The highlights of his earlier announcement are:
EZNEC (Pro/2) will be free beginning in 2022
EZNec Pro/4 will be discontinued
There will be no support or refunds for these programs after 2021.

Get all the details here: