KM4BUN Audrey: Young Ham presenting on APRS Balloons and PicoSats

Audrey Mcelroy, KM4BUN shared a great tutorial on APRS High Altitude Balloons combined with APRS PicoSats. Audrey is an Extra class ham who got involved in Amateur Radio when she was six years old with the help of her parents Tom McElroy W4SDR, and mother Jan McElroy K4PRM.

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Get started with Fox Hunting

Fox Hunt! (Radio Direction Finding) – Ham Radio Q&A:

You can find other “How To” videos by going to and searching for “Ham Radio Foxhunting” or similar terms.

If you’re not already familiar with it, the bible of Fox Hunting is this book by Joe Moell K0OV. Although written back in 1987, it still contains plenty of information and tips that remain relevant today:

Learn Morse Code Online

We try to share educational opportunities when they come our way. Here’s an interesting one for youth and adults alike who are interested in learning Morse Code. This was sent to our club Secretary:

If there is an interest in learning Morse code – I’m emailing you to encourage your students (and if interested, YOU) to sign up for CW Academy. Over 5000 students have participated in CWA since 2015, and we have a youth-oriented program that groups young people with other students their own age. Quite a number of young (some as young as 9 years old) CW operators, both contesters and rag chewers, have graduated from youth CWA. Classes are held on-line (using SKYPE or Zoom), and we have students from all over the world participating. Continue reading “Learn Morse Code Online”