Fort Valley Endurance Ride Communications Update

This event will be held Friday the 25th and Saturday the 27th. There have been changes to the trail and information needed by amateur radio volunteers. We’re pasting some recent email communication below, but please make sure you’re in touch with SVARC liaison Duane Martin, KK4BZ, for the latest information.

On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 4:34 PM Duane Martin <> wrote:

The trail for the Fort Valley endurance ride on 25 and 26 October changed quite a bit. The good news is that more of the trail is in the valley accessible directly from base camp rather than over the mountain. It will require manning the spotter locations in the valley earlier, but fewer will be needed along the Shenandoah River, and they will not need to be active until a little later in the day. You may want to coordinate with the ambulance drivers for when particular posts need to be manned and how to get there.

Still opportunities for more hams with 2 meter HTs to help and join the fun. Races start at a civilized 7:30 am on Friday 25 Oct and Sat 26 Oct. We can use more operators both days, either for a few hours or until the races end around sunset or NLT 7:30 pm. We love our volunteers and will feed you!

73, Duane, KK4BZ


On 10/15/2019 5:50 PM, Diane Connolly wrote:
Duane thanks for letting the radio personnel know about the trail changes.
We may still need the radio and spotter over the mountain for the 4 way intersection early because the 30s will do that loop 1st.
I am attaching the map of the second loop here.
It is last years loop 2 with the Milford trail (we are not using that section) covered in green marker.
John Marsh is making us a new version without the Milford trail on it.
I am waiting on Valerie’s TWO different trail lengths.

So here is how it will run:
50s start at 7:30 both days
Loop 1: 17 miles on Valerie’s property (right going out of camp)
Loop 2: 14.8 miles Map that is attached (left out of camp) (up and over Milford gap, down to 4 way (spotter and radio person), turn right do big loop up canoe down to Hazard Mill and back up to 4 way, turn right at 4 way and head back up and over mountain to base camp
Loop 3: repeat 17 miles on Valerie’s property (right out of camp)

30s start at 8:00 (subject to change)
Loop 1: 14.8 miles over Milford Gap (left out of camp)
Loop 2: 14.75 mile loop on Valerie’s property (right out of camp)

Intros on Saturday will start at 9:30 and do the 14.75 mile loop on Valerie’s property (right out of camp)

Hope this helps with planning