How To Get A Ham License

Why should you get licensed?

“Before you can get on the air, you need to be licensed and know the rules to operate legally. US licenses are good for 10 years before renewal and anyone may hold one except a representative of a foreign government. In the US there are three license classes—Technician, General and Extra.”  from ARRL website

CLICK HERE to read what the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) says about the licenses and privileges associated with each of the three license classes.

Our club provides testing sessions (VE Sessions) almost every month. CLICK HERE for more information or check the club calendar for the next session.

Preparing For The Exam

Practice tests are available at several websites such as the ones below:

What To Bring To an Exam Session

The ARRL Web Site is a great resource for this information, so we’ll share the link to their information to answer this – If you happen to forget pencils, pens, forms, an ‘allowed’ calculator, etc., never fear, we keep these things around to help candidates succeed. Please make sure you meet the identification requirements and bring funds to cover the fee. Cash, checks, or money orders in the amount of $15 USD (as of 2017. Checks and money orders made payable to ARRL VEC.) for each examinee’s session. Candidates not successfully passing an attempted element may be able to take a second exam for the same element, but we are required to charge an additional test fee in such cases.

For your convenience, the interactive NCVEC QUICK-FORM 605 is available for download and printing in case you wish to fill out that paperwork ahead of time.

NOTE: If you do not currently have an FCC-assigned Federal Registration Number (FRN), a social security number is required by the FCC on the application for processing. More information about the FRN can be found at