How To Join Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club [ SVARC ]

Applicants must be sponsored by a club member and have two supporting references. They must be willing to serve on one or more active committees.

Senior ( 19 years or older ) initiation fee is $5.00 and Junior (under 18 years old) initiation fee is $1.00.

The yearly dues currently are $24.00 for all ages.

SVARC Membership Application FormClick to view or download 

Fill it out and send it in with your initiation fee and dues to: SVARC, P.O. Box 2273, Winchester, VA 22604 OR bring your application and check/cash to one of our meetings.

NOTE – To be voted in, there are two readings that must occur, and you must be present at the meeting where your readings occur. So, plan on attending at least two meetings to be voted in.

The online form below includes the credit card processing fee charged to the club. Please download, print and mail this .pdf pay the Club-only fees. Click to view or download 

ARRL Amateur Radio Relay League

How to Join the ARRL

The American Radio Relay League is the national association for amateur radio. This organization is amateur radio’s advocate and voice in protecting our bandwidth and promoting legislation and policies to support our hobby and its members. SVARC, being an ARRL affiliated club, encourages its members to also be members of ARRL (but it’s not required). It’s the best way you can support the health and ensure the future of amateur radio.

ARRL Website:

This website is a wealth of information as well as educational and technical resources for amateur radio operators of all skill levels. Go here to find training events, hamfests, contests, special event stations, and much more.

  • CLICK HERE to learn about membership levels. 
  • JOIN HERE and you’ll also receive a subscription to the monthly QST magazine.
  • Find ARRL ON FACEBOOK:—a great place to find current information and conversations going on about ham radio issues and concerns.