New To Ham Radio?



You’ve passed the exam, received your new license and call sign, and now you’re ready to get started. Don’t get overwhelmed! We’ve all been where you are, and you’ll find that other hams would love to help you. When you come to our club meetings, you’ll learn from the programs and you’ll meet all kinds of folks from beginners to very experienced. We hope the links and resources on this page will get you going.

Getting Started on Ham Radio video series from Ham Radio Concepts:

Getting Started> Getting Licensed ? 

Buying your first ham radio:

How do you talk on ham radio?

The Future of ham radio is the Youth:

How to get over “Mic Fright”

Reference Books and Subscriptions

Many ham radio operators use the ARRL Handbook  as a reference book. They often also use their ARRL license study manuals as information resources even after they’ve passed their exams and received their licenses. Many hams also consider the ARRL Antenna Book to be an essential part of their library.

ARRL Membership

When you join the American Radio Relay League, you not only get plugged in to the national organization that represents amateur radio, but you also get a subscription to QST Magazine. This is an excellent way to learn more about ham radio and keep up with new trends and topics. CLICK HERE to learn about different levels of ARRL membership.

What is ham radio?

ARRL is often your best source for reliable and up-to-date information about all things relating to Amateur Radio. This page on the ARRL website contains answers to lots of questions you might have as a newbie. Among the many links, you’ll also find a Ham Primer by Ward Silver N0AX. At “Get On The Air,” you’ll find lots of next steps for what to do after you’ve gotten your license.

Welcome to the World of Ham Radio

This page is filled with links to answer questions frequently asked by those who’ve recently gotten their first amateur radio license. From “First Steps” and “Equipment” to “Making Contact” and “Where Can I Go To Learn Morse Code?”—this comprehensive resource covers all the basics…and then some.

Let us know if you find a particularly good resource for newbies so we can include it here.