Hagerstown Tailgate Fest 09/25/21

The Antietam Radio Association (ARA) of Hagerstown, Maryland, is announcing that their annual Hamfest is returning this year in the form of an Outdoor Tailgate Fest, next month on Saturday, September 25, 2021, from 8 AM to 12 noon (grounds open for setup at 7 AM). Please help us spread the word. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the event coordinator below.

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Shenandoah County Hams Recognized

This recognition from the Shenandoah County Fire & Rescue’s Emergency Management Division went out to Shenandoah County hams, many of whom are SVARC members:

“It’s National Radio Day and I wanted to take a minute to recognize you all for what you offer to Shenandoah County and our disaster support services with your ham radio operation! We appreciate you so very much, for your willingness to apply a hobby to the better good of communication support during times of disaster! Thank you very much!”

Congratulations to all involved. You are making a difference.

Presentation this week: POSTPONED

UPDATE: This presentation has been postponed to a later date. Stay tuned for more information when it is rescheduled.

At our meeting at the clubhouse on Thursday, August 19, 2021 (postponed!), Rich K3VAT will do a short presentation “RF Exposure and the New FCC rules.” Don’t miss learning about this important rule change. This is the second presentation on the topic. For a recording of the first one, CICK HERE.

ARRL Announces Free RF Exposure Calculator

The American Radio Relay League [ ARRL.org ] has released a free to use Radio Frequency [ RF ] Calculator for all to use to calculate transmitting power exposure limits for antennas. Some radio amateurs may need to report depending on the operating power of their station. As Ham Radio operators we all may enjoy a nice bar-b-que. The importance of the RF exposure calculator is not to bar-b-que yourself or your friends or family while transmitting.


ARRL RF Exposure Calculator: http://arrl.org/rf-exposure-calculator

A detailed calculator parameter guide is found here: http://arrl.org/rf-exposure-calc-instructions

A Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQ ] by the ARRL for this calculator is found here: http://arrl.org/rf-exposure

RF Exposure and You is available for free download from ARRL. ARRL also has an RF Safety page on its website.