Save The Date! for AT on the Air! Saturday, October 2

AT On The Air
Appalachian Trail On The Air event

Set your calendar, get off your couch and go chase or activate a
spot on the Appalachian Trail or Park on the Air.

Saturday October 2, 2021 from 12:00-21:00 [ 8AM-5PM Eastern Time ] join operators for Appalachian Trail [ A.T] On the Air Day.

An idea by WB2FUV, Mike, in celebration of the Appalachian National
Scenic Trail, licensed amateur radio operators are invited to take
their two-way portable radios to the Trail on Saturday, October 2,
2021, for an on-the-air get-together. The goal is to contact other
amateur (“ham”) radio operators either along the Trail or elsewhere
in North America (or beyond) and to showcase our amateur radio

Mike wants you to know that, at the moment, this is a spontaneous activity and is not sanctioned or endorsed by any national or regional organization. It is not a contest; it is a get-together.

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