SVARC Officers & Committees

2021 Officers

President: Ross Slater, KE4BCN
Vice President: Rich Kennedy K3VAT
Secretary: Steve Pederson KN4IOU
Treasurer: Tom Sullivan,  AK4AZ

SVARC 2021 Trustees

Carl Dennis, NX3A
Larry Miller, KB6VAA
Mick Stutler, W8BE

SVARC Committees

ARRL Chair

John Kanode, N4MM

Building & Grounds Chair

Tom Sullivan AK4AZ

Club 2M Net Manager and Committee Chair

Tony Amick, KM4HUE
Assisted by Audrey Strite, KN4CHI

FM / Repeater Chair

Mike Wolff, KG4Y

Hamfest Chair

Tom Brownlee, AF2D

Hamfest Vendor Coordinators

Elizabeth Cottrell, W4EHC, Mick Stutler, W8BE, and John Cottrell WD4GEK

Operations / Club Station Chair

Gary Fortun, K4GJF

Committee Members: Michael ‘Mick’ Stutler, W8BE and Mike Wolff, KG4Y

Public Service / Publicity Chair

Tom Witt, KM4FEC

Sick & Bereavement Chair

Elizabeth Cottrell, W4EHC

Training & Education Chair

Mike Wolff, KG4Y, Interim Chair

Field Day Chair

Tom Sherwood, KW4CW

I.T. Committee

Mike Wolff, KG4Y, and Elizabeth Cottrell, W4EHC, Co-chairs
Committee Members: Mick Stutler W8BE and John Royo AE7YH

2020 SVARC officers
Above: L to R: Ross Slater KE4BCN, John Kanode N4MM, Rob Kinsley, NT4S, and Steve Pederson KN4IOU. Due to COVID, we have not been together to get a photo of current officers.