Rocky Mountain Ham Radio University

Denver based Rocky Mountain Ham Radio invites you, no matter where you are, to join them this winter for their annual Rocky Mountain Ham Radio University. Starting October 14 through April 2024, each month features a live presentation for in-depth learning.  October 14 features Filter Cavities and Network Analyzers presented by K2AD, Doug Sharp. This University is an amazing resource for new and experienced ham’s alike!    If you appreciate this knowledge and quality of delivery consider a donation to this club that supports repeater networks for other clubs in the inter mountain West. 

2023 University Sylabus:

Oct 14: Filter Cavities and Network Analyzers. ZOOM ONLY. Presented by Doug Sharp, K2AD

Nov 11: Basic DMR, Theory, Operation, and how it works. Presented by Mike Lozano, K0NGA

Dec 9: DMR 201 The RMHAM network and cBridge, using DMR for data transfer, bridging DMR and other networks, vocoders and similar topics. Presented by John W0VG, Tristan NM0TH, Paul K0WSU, James KI0KN

Jan 13: All about 3D printing and what it takes to get it all together. This talk will be remotely presented from the KI0KN QTH ZOOM ONLY. Presented by James Cizek, KI0KN & Jim Dixon, KA6ETE

Feb 10: Nerd Fest: Several nerdy topics in a quick format. Exact schedule will be published closer to the date.

Mar 9: Vehicle Power Systems – Everything you wanted to know about Vehicle Power systems but were afraid to ask:
Alternators and batteries; Voltage Boosters, Best practices for wiring radios to vehicle electrical systems. Presented by Mike Pappas, W9CN

Apr 13: The follow course on to RouterOS 101. More in depth coverage of routing and VPNs. Covers static routing and dynamic routing using OSPF, differences between RouterOS 6 and RouterOS 7, and troubleshooting routing issues. Presented by Willem Schreuder, AC0KQ and John Maxwell, W0VG

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