Election of officers

At our next club meeting this Thursday 10/01/20, we’ll have our annual election of officers, so please look for your Zoom link sent out by email later this week. We’ll need a good turnout to get a quorum for voting.

If you are not a member but would like to attend the Zoom meeting, please leave a message on the contact form of our website: https://svarc.us/contact-us/


President: Ross Slater KE4BCN
Vice President: Rich Kennedy K3VAT
Treasurer: Tom Sullivan AK4AZ
Secretary: Stephen Pederson KN4IOU
Trustee: Carl Dennis NX3A

Thanks to Tom Brownlee AF2D and his nominating committee for their good work.

Guest Speaker Bud W2RU

We welcome Bud Hippisley W2RU, Roanoke Division Director. Bud will be with us at our meeting on Oct. 1, 2020 to give us a report on ARRL and an update on division news.