SVEN – Moving Back to 146.82 MHz on July 13, 2021

During the July, 6th, 2021, occurrence of the Shenandoah Valley Emergency Net (SVEN) that has been held on the 145.39 MHz K4USS repeater, a poll was conducted among the participants of the net that proposed moving back the Club’s 146.82 MHz W4RKC repeater starting on July 13th, 2021. Having failed to duplicate the conditions that have previously plagued the Club’s repeater to the point of making it unusable for nets, the proposal was made to attempt holding the net on the 146.82 MHz machine with the option to move the net back to the 145.39 MHz K4USS repeater should another episode occur. A unanimous consensus of the eight participants in the SVEN was achieved, resulting in a democratic process of the actual likely participants in the net. If you have the interest, are equipped and authorized by the FCC to operate in the 2 meter amateur band, we would welcome your presence on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM local time in the SVEN. If you need the details to access the Club’s 2 meter repeater, please find them on the Club’s Open Repeaters page. Please stop by if you can!

Author: Michael KG4Y

Licensed amateur radio operator since 1989.