Rich K3VAT’s Quiz Questions

Rich Kennedy K3VAT gave an excellent presentation at the November 19, 2020 club meeting—the first of a four-part series on “Radio, Transmission Line, and Antenna: Some Basics.” He covered the basic components of a radio, the various types of coaxial cable,  and described the characteristics of a simple dipole antenna. He encouraged us to try to answer the following questions before the next meeting:

  1. What single measurement can we take at all three places (radio, transmission line, and antenna feed point) to answer our 4 previous conditions? Those conditions are:
    • How much transmitted power leaves the antenna?
    • How much of that power reaches the antenna feedpoint?
    • Is the frequency selected by the radio the exact same as that seen at the antenna?
    • What is the voltage and current relationship at (or on) the antenna?
  2.  How exactly (what test equipment is employed) are these measurements performed?
  3.  And how do we interpret our results in order to better understand how our station is performing?