All About Baluns

Thanks again to Roger Steyaert K7RXV who found these excellent articles about baluns and got permission from Roy W. Lewallen W7EL to share them on this site. Understanding the basic information in these articles will help you understand some of the technical presentations we’ve got coming up in future club meetings. If you have any issues with these links, just google the article titles and you’ll find them.

“Baluns: What They Do And How They Do It” 

“The 1:1 Current Balun”





Modeling Presentation

EZNEC Main Windowby Roger Steyaert K7RXV, SVARC meeting on Sept. 19, 2019

Roger K7RXV gave an excellent presentation on various modeling programs and how they can be used by amateur radio operators to measure and predict such things as circuit performance and antenna performance. Programs mentioned included Spice, SimSmith, and EZNEC. Continue reading “Modeling Presentation”