KM4BUN Audrey: Young Ham presenting on APRS Balloons and PicoSats

Audrey Mcelroy, KM4BUN shared a great tutorial on APRS High Altitude Balloons combined with APRS PicoSats. Audrey is an Extra class ham who got involved in Amateur Radio when she was six years old with the help of her parents Tom McElroy W4SDR, and mother Jan McElroy K4PRM.

Per her QRZ page, Audrey is interested setting up feedlines, working pile-ups, running a rotor and operating Split. In July 2019 she traveled to Curacao PJ2T station to participate in a DXExpedition. Audrey presented as a Region 2 YOTA Camp. The video above is her presentation that she made for this event. Audrey is a correspondent for the Young Lady Radio League.

Audrey Mcelroy-KM4BUN